#6 [Ultimate] FREE Keyword Research Strategies

Do you want to Crack Keyword Research techniques? 

Looking for high valued, maximum searched phrases but haven’t had luck yet? 

Sit back and relax!

Here, I am going to reveal million dollar ultimate keyword research strategies completely FREE.

Trust me! I do not charge anything to tell people what I’ve learned so far and what things are working for me. Let’s have a look at it one by one, possibly you can take & apply few of them or may be, all of them.

I have figured out #6 ultimate free keyword research strategies works absolutely fine, I guarantee you that!

Let’s dive into it!

#1 Google Keyword Planner – Google Ads

Let me clear one thing first- whatever you search on Google.com, Google store everything! They have built a good platform on top of that stored data. This is mainly built for customers who want to publish relevant Ads on google search. But it is available for all everyone. It gives you very good statistics to perform keyword research.

All you need to do –

  1. Login to Keyword Planner – Google Ads with your Gmail account.
  2. Click on – Discover New Keywords
  3. Search your favorite topic or words and you will have top searched phrases

It is that simple!

You could even filter out your search and see the result from your customized filter. Check what information you get from this simple and free tool offered by Google itself.

For Ex. You want to write something on Blogging, Go to Keyword planner- search “Blogging“. As per my current filter, I set Location- India, Language – English, Period: 12 months.

Keyword Planner - Google Ads

As you can clearly see in the above image, I have searched for keyword “Blogging” and I got tons of other keyword ideas for ex. vlog, blog sites etc. You can see the average monthly search volume, page bid values and competition. There is also the possibility to download the result from top right corner. 

There are many other paid platforms like Ahref but as new blogger, probably you will not be able to afford those tools. As demonstrated above Free Keyword Planner” platform works absolutely fine!

#2 Ubersuggest

My second top listed Free platform for keyword research would be Ubersuggest. Neil Patel has invented this system. It gives you more flexibility and ability to do more with your keywords such as – 

  • List down top keywords related to your topic
  • List down top articles ranked in google on those specific keyword/phrase.
  • Also, you can scan your competitors blog and see what are the keywords has been targeted & are in the top results.

Most importantly, It’s completely Free platform. Previous It was open for everyone but nowadays they ask us to login with Email to see entire results. Though they do not charge anything for this service as of today Dec-2019.

Let’s search same phrase- “Blogging” again and see what information you get from ubersuggest.

  1. Login to Ubersuggest with your Gmail account.
  2. Enter your words or website link into search Box.
  3. Choose your location where you want to do analysis.
  4. Check the result below with my same filter, Location- India, Language – English.
Ubersuggest - Keyword research
Ubersuggest - Keyword research result

Do you know what is trending nowadays? 

I mean what are things searched most on Google?

Here is today’s result – recently trending searches.

Google trends today

If you are running out of ideas or may be you want to write only on trending topics then Google trends is the platform for you. More interestingly, you can choose a country, area of interest and search random keywords to know trending things. It really helps you in selection of topic and relevant phrases to target.

Let’s search same phrase- “Blogging” and see what information you get from Google Trends.

  1. Login to Google Trends with your Gmail account.
  2. Enter your words into search Box.
  3. Set your location to see trending things.
  4. Check the result below with my same filter, Location- India, Language – English, Period: Last 12 Months.
Google trends keyword research result
Google trends keyword research result by region
Google trends keyword research - related topics result

Even if you could use simple google search to find valued keywords or phrases. This strategy works superbly fine. You can directly search your topic, keyword or phrases on google and evaluate competition and keyword value on the basis of search result.

Go to google.com and search your phrase in following patterns to know more about your keyword.

Pattern 1: Type “Blogging” and observe the suggested keywords. You must take a look at suggested phrases and select your golden keyword to write your article.

Google search for Keyword research

Pattern 2: Type- Site: LinkedIn “Mayur Jadhav” and see the first result with  link of my LinkedIn profile. It is very effective when you want to do some analysis on keyword competition. If you really want to beat them then analyse top articles, pages and add something extra in your article which are missing from those top ranked articles.

If you want to beat me on my keyword “Mayur Jadhav” then visit my profile and see what things are missing. Build your LinkedIn profile, target “Mayur Jadhav” keyword in your profile and do not forget to add extra things which are missing in my profile.

Google search site- LinkedIn

#5 eCommerce Sites (Ex. Amazon or Flipkart)

This is something very interesting strategy to find your golden keywords. Specially, when you are looking for phrases or ideas to start your micro blog or affiliate marketing blog. It is a very effective way of searching keywords or topics which will bring you huge money in the form of affiliate marketing.

Look at this case – Go to amazon.com and search “Blogging“. The suggestions you get the list can be used to promote related affiliate products. 

Keyword research on Amazon site

You can write reviews or interesting information about products and earn some revenue from Amazon Affiliate program.

Tip: Most of the successful blogger earn maximum revenue from affiliate marketing!

#6 Hack Headings & Subheadings from Books

This is quite a tricky one but can be used effectively to rank top in the google search results.

  • Search topics on Amazon or any other eCommerce site and select top listed books.
  • Scan the headings and subheading from Table of Content.
  • You can choose similar phrases to write an article.

Believe me, It works!

Keyword research from amazon books

You can see the list of topics and sub topics available under Table of Content, take full advantage of FREE information available online and do your keyword research.

Did you like my top #6 free keyword research strategies ? Or may be, you have something to add in this list?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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